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Looking for a hydrovac service company in Edmonton? Tired of operators that seem to fill and dump endlessly, wasting valuable time. Well frankly, so are we. Can-Traffic Services has been utilizing hydrovac service companies since their inception, spending millions of dollars and inevitably leading to increased frustration due to poor quality service and excessive pricing. Don’t get us wrong, we have had good experiences, but like many things, those can quickly turn into bad ones as new people come and go. Consistency and reliability is the key! We’ve encountered all sorts of trucks, operators and conditions that can affect the quality of your service, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and raise the bar. Drawing upon our past experience, we carefully considered all the factors that lead us to satisfaction when hiring hydrovac subcontractors. We then took all these factors and created a new corporate hydrovac model. We now offer the same services that gave us satisfaction, to all our customers at fair market pricing! So, what exactly is it that sets our hydrovac service apart?

Over 40 years of experience around utilities, hydrovacs and the associated soil conditions.

Fewer mistakes. Having a history with utilities can take some of the guesswork out of line location. Many of the existing cables and networks in the ground today were installed by Can-Traffic itself. This knowledge, coupled with our in-house ability to survey and detect transportation and lighting cable networks, reduces the possibility of damage to existing structures. When it comes to liability, you are going to want someone on your team who recognizes the cost of failure.  Can-Traffic understands this better than most and will take every precaution possible to ensure your project goes smoothly and the desired outcomes are achieved safely and promptly.

-The right tools for the job. The truck leading in our fleet is a Hurricane tri-axle, 4500 CFM, 8 cube machine capable of hauling 100% capacity and still be legal on Alberta roadways.

-Experienced operators. Our operators are the best in the industry. We know this by comparing years of past hydrovac service, but the only way for you to truly know is to find out for yourself. A good operator even on a poorly designed truck could be the difference of hours on your invoice and we stand behind ours!

-Fair pricing. We are not an oilfield company, nor is our income based solely on hydrovacs. We are happy to give you a fair price for safe, fast, and reliable work. Call us for a quote today!

-Backed by expertise. Our team of experts is available to our operators 24hrs a day. This support includes mechanics, engineers, safety professionals and many more!


If you are looking for a safe and reliable Hydrovac Service Contractor in Edmonton or the Edmonton area, give us a call today. We are happy to take on new clients and look forward to building new and long lasting relationships. Put our expertise to work for you and see what 40 years in the industry can do for you and your Hydrovac service needs!





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