About Can-Traffic Services

Can-Traffic Services Ltd is a non-union, private sector Traffic Service company. With 40+ years of technical expertise and experience to draw upon, our field teams deliver a first rate, safety conscious, and efficient service. In addition to our experience, our long term relationships with our supplies afford us the luxury of passing on substantial savings to you the consumer.

Can-Traffic started off as one man, Mike Kelly, identifying a need for service and expertise in the traffic industry. On his own, he started to put his knowledge of traffic and traffic systems to work to improve existing systems. We have since grown to maintain three corporate offices within the province of Alberta from which we service Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories.


Can-Traffic Services is Built on Five Core Values:


1. Safe Enough for my Family

We will not leave a project until we are satisfied its quality and integrity is safe enough for our own little ones.

2. Bubble Between the Lines

Good enough is never good enough. We go that extra distance to ensure that our workmanship is straight and true. Bubble between the lines represents our quest for perfection.

3. We Succeed as a Team

Opening channels of communication from office staff to field teams, having quality supervision, enforcing safe work procedures all in a family oriented atmosphere ensure our team performs to the best of their ability. In-house training and the passing of knowledge from one craftsman to the other ensures our the quality of our work remains unparalleled.

4. Change is Opportunity

In an ever changing world, especially the world of traffic, change is inevitable. We choose to embrace these techniques and technologies and incorporate them into our day to day routine. Many companies become stagnant in their scope but at Can-Traffic we prefer to be at the forefront of change and be leaders in our industry.

5.  Improving our Community

Each and every community we work in is left with an improvement that we can be proud of. Pedestrians are able to cross the street more safely, vehicles are able commute more efficiently and we are left with a sense of pride in our accomplishments that is carried forward to the next Can-Traffic project!

It is by operating within these parameters that ensures that every Can-Traffic project gets the attention it deserves and built to a quality that is representative of our name. Thank you for choosing Can-Traffic!





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