Street Lighting

Street Lighting within any major city, is a key component utilized to increase motorist and pedestrian safety. Over the years, Can-Traffic Services has contributed greatly to the development of this infrastructure across the West. Not only have our crews successfully completed countless streetlight installations but they also regularly contribute to their maintenance and upkeep. Considering that many of the existing devices in the the traffic infrastructure world were installed 50 plus years ago, it is no surprise that a diligent, pro-active maintenance program is crucial. Can-Traffic Services can not only aid in the design of these programs but can also see them through to completion.

Street Lighting for Advanced Traffic Systems

Street lighting design and placement can be a lot more complex than originally perceived. Some of the factors that precede placement include; height, spacing, arrangement, existing conditions, scale, street type, compatibility, coordination, building heights, road geometries, sidewalk and street width to name a few.

Then there are Photometric considerations to be made, these include things like, color temperature, lumens, wattage, type, crossover, distribution, intensity, and many others. Knowing which application works best with a given set of parameters is best determined by professionals. By choosing to use Can-Traffic, you can be assured optimum results. A phone call to one of our Sales and Service representatives will be sure to help your project get the start it deserves.

Variable  Message Signs (VMS)

Electronic Signboards - Variable Message SystemsWhat are VMS signs and what are they used for? VMS signs are traffic devices used to convey important information to motorists. They help communicate information regarding traffic blockages  or delays, construction zones, speed limits, lane or road closures, fires, wait times and many more such items. They also help relay friendly reminders such as remembering to wear your seat belt, be mindful of large trucks, avoid distracted driving or reduce speed. We are only human after all and it is common to forget some of these items. In addition, being aware of upcoming delays or hazards keeps drivers expectations in check.

If a driver knows there is going to be a delay ahead drivers are less likely to become frustrated and may even have the opportunity to re-route. This can often lessen the strain on emergency workers and return traffic back to normal sooner. António Carneiro, Director, Masstrans Systems (P) Ltd, said, “The economic impact of these improvements due to a VMS is quite significant though these are not so visible at first glance. But when we analyse the costs related to traffic accidents, incidents and traffic congestion (energy consumption, time loss, productivity loss), we understand easily that improvements on safety and mobility have an important impact on economic development”.

Can-Traffic designs, supplies and maintains all manner of variable message signs. If you require more information about sign options, effectiveness, or just want to know more about them in general you can contact our design team here.





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