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Cyber Security In Traffic Systems

What is cyber security? Cyber security is the process by which networks, devices, programs and systems are protected from those with who would cause harm by way of unauthorized access. With the recent advancement in technology and their associated connected networks,...

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Traffic Lights In Flash

We've all had some experience driving with someone or witnessing someone at an traffic light in flash, who had absolutely no idea what to do. Despite this being one of the items you are meant know before taking your drivers test, the concept seems to continually prove...

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Driverless Shuttles in Alberta

Yes, you heard right! Driverless shuttles will soon be accessible right here in the Province of Alberta. At this very moment, the staff at Can-Traffic Services Ltd are working together with various institutions within the Province to help adapt, create and mobilize...

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2019 IMSA Conference Regina

Staying on top of the many advancements, technologies and changes within the traffic industry can be a challenge even for the best of us. The International Municipal Signals Association or IMSA helps us with this by providing professionally recognized certification...

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Average Speed Cameras

What Are They? As traffic volumes rise so to do the amount of incidents/accidents and the traffic violations associated with this increase. This has recently prompted authorities to re-evaluate control measures in place and consider new options to help mitigate these...

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Dark Skies

  On Sunday Oct 14, 2018, in an effort to become better equipped to face the challenges that Dark Skies present to our communities, Can-Traffic Services attended the Lumican sponsored Skyglow event at the Telus World of Science. The presentation was hosted by...

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TAC Conference 2018

September 1, 2018 Can-Traffic Services attended it's first annual conference with the Transportation Association of Canada. The association is a not-for-profit national technical association that focuses on road and highway infrastructure and urban transportation. ...

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New Intersections In Sherwood Park

As Sherwood Park continues to grow, so to does its traffic infrastructure and its need for new intersections. Couple this growth with an increase in development on the south side of Edmonton and one will soon understand why the demand on Sherwood Park's road network...

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Vehicle Detection Cameras

Many of you may notice during your daily commute, the small cameras perched atop the streetlights in an intersection. People often confuse these with speed cameras. Speed cameras are usually larger than Vehicle Detection Cameras and are typically accompanied by some...

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Smart Signals

To understand how smart signals can help mitigate traffic congestion, one must first understand how conventional signals work. Most signals today operate on a fixed length, time of day system. The signals change at a static rate that varies in the morning, afternoon...

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Distracted Driving

A hot topic today in traffic circles - no pun intended- is distracted driving. According to teensafe.com, distracted driving is responsible for 25% of all traffic fatalities of which ALL were preventable. Here are some other statistics from the article; Driver...

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