Signal maintenance, be it crosswalks, preemption, traffic signals or any other traffic control device should be a priority for all. Ensuring the safe and effective operation of these devices will increase traffic efficiently, reduce overall incidents and accidents, reduce public liability and provide a more pleasant motorist/pedestrian experience.

Signal maintenance today tends to be more reactive than pro-active. Waiting for incidents to occur before making necessary repairs, maintenance or upgrades is a very inefficient approach to traffic management. That said, there are many towns, municipalities and districts who do recognize the importance of an effective signal maintenance program. They take neccessary steps to ensure the safe operation and efficiency of traffic control devices. Yet, even today, a large portion of the signal maintenance budget for most city’s and municipalities gets allotted to the local highway maintenance department. These companies are typically responsible for snow removal, sign installations and repair, ditch mowing, pothole repair and other road applications. Their understanding of signalized traffic dynamics can be limited at best. It’s kind of like having your landscaper repair your home. Just because he works around your house does not mean he can maintain it. Having a properly trained and certified signal technician, familiar with the technologies of today maintaining your equipment is the expert choice.

Maintenance - Can-Traffic Services Ltd.

Someone who is unfamiliar with signal maintenance could consider vacuuming out a cabinet or removing graffiti effective maintenance. At Can-Traffic we know this is not the case. To better understand why a professionally trained service tech is required for your maintenance program you must first understand the scope. Here are some of necessary items Can-Traffic requires in a typical signal maintenance program;

-Clean and replace air filters
-Seasonal preparations
-Environmental controls check
-Check and record voltages (VAC and VDC)
-Measure and record cabinet ground readings
-Preemption programming test
-Flash rate and operation verification
-Test all switches and relays
-Verify all field connections
-Test UPS system
-Verify vehicle detection system
-Verify pedestrian detection system
-Manual conflict testing
-Voltage failure test
-Measure and record off state load switch voltages
-Verify communication
-Inventory and cleaning of cabinet components
-Check time and date
-Check and record conflict monitor jumper card programming and condition
-Inspect poles and bases
-Inspect signal heads
-Check signal head alignment
-Check sign hardware and alignment
-Inspect backboards and visors
-Check junction boxes and,
-Re-lamp where required

This list is ever changing and adapting as new technologies and devices arrive. Our field techs are continually expanding their training within their perspective fields relative to work preformed or required. We maintain an active standing with the International municipal signals association (IMSA) and require journeymen electrical certifications from our service techs. Contact one of our maintenance services specialists today.





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