Past Projects

Can-Traffic Biggest Achievements

Can-Traffic is continually adding to the efforts that make Alberta and the beautiful cities we all enjoy today safe. Our reach extends beyond the city limits and into many of the surrounding communities. We actively preform regular scheduled maintenance in many of these communities and respond to incidents where immediate action is required.
One of the more notable of these is the Calgary Critical Pole Project. Can-Traffic’s services were retained to repair and replace poles identified to be of a “critical” nature. Our assistance on this project, not only brought new infrastructure to the city but also increased the overall safety for its constituents. We have also been actively involved in LED upgrading, re-timing, adding and removing phases to better traffic flow, emergency response and many other design and construction projects in and around the City.

Deh Cho Bridge – North West Territories

The Deh Cho Bridge was, and always will be one of the highlighted projects for Can-Traffic. This project, located on the Makenzie River in the North West Territories, saw it’s fair share of unique challenges. Our crews were faced with adverse weather conditions, unique safety obstacles, and a truly varied scope. Dispite all this Can-Traffic successfully completed the Bridge, marine, aircraft and abutment lighting. Working together with the North West Territories Ministry of Transportation and the First Nations People of Fort Providence afforded us the opportunity to complete a one of a kind project unequalled in all of Canada. The bridge itself is completely unique in its concept and design and spans 1.1 kilometers.

Past Projects - Deh Cho BridgeWikipedia identifies the superstructure as a two lane, nine-span composite steel truss bridge with a cable assisted main span of 190 m (623 ft),. The approach spans are symmetrical about the centre of the bridge and have successive lengths of 90 m (295 ft), 112.5 m (369 ft), 112.5 m (369 ft) and 112.5 m (369 ft). The total length of the bridge is 1,045 m (3,428 ft). The superstructure consists of two 4.5 m (14 ft 9 in), deep deep Warren trusses with a transverse spacing of 7.32 m (24 ft), and a 235 mm (9.25 in), thick precast composite deck. The truss members are built up I-sections. Two A-pylons, located at Pier IV South and Pier IV North, each support two cable planes. Each cable plane consists of six cables that are connected to the main truss through an outrigger system.

Can-Traffic continues to service and maintain the Bridge today and looks forward to the next opportunity to participate in another unique and challenging project like Deh Cho.





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