We all know that traffic and traffic technologies are ever changing and evolving, but what does this mean to Developers, Cities, Municipalities and Traffic Service Companies? Well for starters, keeping the advancement of traffic in the forefront of our minds during the design phase can be a crucial component to the application and adaptation of new technologies and the Future of traffic.

By being mindful of upcoming technologies, one is better able to adapt new infrastructure during the construction phase to better accommodate the needs of future technologies. This could be as simple as adding extra conduit or wire to a new product for future use or expansion. Making accommodations such as these can prove vital in saving costs down the road, which ultimately means less tax dollars spent.

Traffic TechnologyAnother way many are choosing to better prepare for the future of traffic is though the use of Smart Signals. These signals collect data on the flow of traffic. By having better data one can more effectively apply the proper technology or solution to enhance the efficiency of traffic.

Finally, knowing what you have is key component in being future proof. Asset management, including the location of streetlights, crosswalks, controllers, power access points, fiber lines and so on can be a huge factor in the assessment of how and where new technologies can be best applied. Building off existing infrastructure short term can provide a cost savings solution that may accommodate some of the newer traffic technologies, but as technologies improve and autonomous vehicles enter the scope we may have to revamp our entire outlook. Stay tuned to Can-Traffic’s blog for more on this new and exciting topic.

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