TAC 2018September 1, 2018 Can-Traffic Services attended it’s first annual conference with the Transportation Association of Canada. The association is a not-for-profit national technical association that focuses on road and highway infrastructure and urban transportation.  The conference brings together service and supply industries from coast to coast. Networking with companies from various technical backgrounds from across Canada was an exciting opportunity for Can-Traffic Services. The TAC Conference 2018 brought together many informative speakers, educating those involved in some of the latest developments and technologies in the traffic industry. TAC Conference With over 60 exhibitors and a sold out show, the 2018 TAC conference was a huge success. The conference utilized a USB networking device called a POKEN. Poken is a digital business card used to collect and exchange information, and network. Booth visitors collect all your company information and brochures digitally from a Poken Touchpoint. Each TAC delegate received a Poken USB device to exchange contact information and receive digital material. The device links to an app on your phone and independently tracks all new contacts engaged at the booth or otherwise.

The 2019 Conference with be hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 22-25th. It is a joint conference with The Transportation Association of Canada and Intelligent Transportation Systems Canada. The joint conference will enjoy more exhibitors, speakers, and guests, in a larger venue. “There is great enthusiasm about combining the strengths and areas of expertise of our associations as we work together on this special event. The knowledge shared among members and stakeholders will help make progress on issues that are important to TAC and ITS Canada and the sector as a whole.” – Sarah Wells, Executive Director, TAC
“A Joint Conference between ITS Canada and TAC offers both organizations opportunities for a unique conference experience – one which will showcase the incredible advantages of integrating best practices and contemporary technologies.” – Chris Philp, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ITS Canada

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