Exiting vehicle to press the crosswalk buttonThis truly is an interesting question. The answer, amazingly, is yes.. well, in some circumstances. Once again, we reached out to the Sherwood Park RCMP for help and they kindly obliged our curiosity. We presented them with three possible scenarios that involve pressing the crosswalk button while parked at a stoplight. They are as follows;

  1.  Is the driver legally permitted to exit the vehicle to press the crosswalk button?
  2.  Can the passenger legally exit the vehicle to press the crosswalk button?
  3.  Can either person, driver or passenger, legally shout at someone, close by the crosswalk button, and ask them to press it on their behalf?

Scenario one

In the first senario, where the driver exits the vehicle, the RCMP pointed out a few different possiblilities. Firstly, if the driver exits the vehicle while more than 500mm away from the curb, a police officer could potentially give a fine for improper parking. This would net you a $78.00 fine and inconvenience associated with the receipt of all citations. In addition to this, a fine for impeding traffic could be awarded at a heftier $155.00 and the possibility of demerit points. If, on the other hand, the driver is within 500mm of the curb nearest the pushbutton, and exits the vehicle to press it, there exists little to no citation possible as no laws have been broken. Lastly, If the driver exits the vehicle, one lane or more away from the crosswalk button, various pedestrian infractions could be warranted, over and above the aforementioned.

With all that said, let’s be clear, exiting your vehicle at any location on any public roadway, regardless of the distance from the curb, is dangerous. It should be a last resort, solely reserved for emergencies, or say if, your vehicle is on fire. The purpose of this discussion is purely one of interest.

Scenario two

In the second scenario, the passenger exits the vehicle. The same rules that apply for scenario one, also apply to scenario two. There is the possibility that the driver receive fines for improper parking and/or impeding traffic relative to the position on the roadway. There is also the possibility that the passenger could receive various pedestrian infractions dependant upon where the vehicle was exited.

Scenario three

In the last scenario, the driver or the passenger rolls down the window and asks a passer-by to press the crosswalk button. This question, when posed to the RCMP, illuminated a most unexpected answer. As it turns out, a fine could be presented. This scenario, would be the one that most people would believe to be the least likely candidate for a citation. Well, that is accurate, it is. But, where the offence can occur is on the behalf of the person that presses the button. If the person that presses the crosswalk button does so without the intent of crossing the road, a fine for “failing to cross the road in the prescribed manner” could be awarded. Now granted, this citation would be extremely difficult to make stick court, as it is hard to prove, but, it exists regardless.

We would like to reiterate to our readers, that exiting your vehicle, under any circumstances, while on a public roadway, is dangerous and is highly discouraged. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Traffic devices are there for a reason and are meant to keep us moving safe and efficiently. It is important that we take this into consideration and use these devices as intended. As always, we hope you enjoyed this article and would ask that you share it on the link below to help us grow our audience. To read more articles like this one you can click here.





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